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Axure 4.4 released  

Klaus Silberbauer / Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Axure RP Pro 4.4 is out and features a few long awaited improvements: Now you can
  • use "onchange" in dropdowns
  • communicate with dynamic layers across masters
  • use a placeholder widget instead of the ugly image widget
And is it me - or has the app become a bit faster?

Anyway: Axure stays in the lead as the best tool for rapid web prototyping.

- it would have been nice of you to include a link to Axure ;)


I did :) The title links to


oops ;) - I guess I'm used to "the Wordpress"-way: Title links to entry's permalink. I didn't even consider checking the title for a link.


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The iPhone is a rip off!  

Klaus Silberbauer / Monday, January 15, 2007

Silberbauer Says: is sorry to announce that the iPhone concept is no more than a simple rip off.

70 years ago the very first iPhone was made (in beautiful sturdy bakelite) by Bell Labs which is now planning to re-market is as the iPhone Retro Classic.

First the mouse - now the iphone. Shame on you Steve, shame on you...

Lameness: Microsoft Outlook 2007 features the Word Html Rendering Engine  

Klaus Silberbauer / Monday, January 15, 2007

Designing rich newsletters for Notes has always been a pain. The Notes html rendering engine pretty much sucks. But as not many consumers use Notes it didn't really matter. Also, webmail services like Hotmail and Gmail has been difficult to negotiate CSS wise. But you could always trust the good old Outlook to render your html e-mail in the right way.

Until now, that is.

February Microsoft launches Outlook 2007 featuring that old buggy Word rendering engine with extremely limited support for CSS. Yes: The one you know from MS Word that has the same html rendering power as did Netscape 2 - that is: Very limited indeed.

It's nothing short of a disaster. Html formatted e-mail newsletters drive a lot of our clients' online business, and we know for a fact that rich formatted newsletters work well: Nice design makes people buy stuff. Now some of our clients must either redesign their newsletters or fall back to text e-mail to be sure their customers can read their messages in Outlook (which most people use).

Why Microsoft has chosen to use the crippled Word rendering engine for displaying the html formatting of the brand new Outlook 2007 is a mystery.

My best guess, though, is that some fool in Microsoft has decided that to "integrate" e-mail more into the Office suite the stupid Word engine must be used all over the place. And it's probably the same lame guy that years ago decided that Word should be the default e-mail editor for Outlook.

Source: Campaign Monitor


I don't think the information you are quoting is correct. But I do not know. All I know is that the HTML newsletters I get render fine in Outlook 2007. If you want to see what your HTML emails will look like in Outlook 2007, feel free to send some samples to my Microsoft account and I will take screenshots for you and send them back. If you do not remember my microsoft account, send a mail to my itu account and I will send it to you.

Christian Hagel


Hi Christian,

nice to hear from you. I guess the reason why your newsletters are rendering ok is that most people still use old fashioned html 4.01 (or lower) for newsletters. This will render (if tweaked a bit) fine in the Word rendering engine. But we should be moving towards xhtml and CSS2, and that won't work in the new Outlook - as far as I'm told by the real xhtml geeks.

I'll try to find some examples for you.


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Creating the "New Media ambience"  

Lars Silberbauer / Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This week we're testing large videoprojections in our new HQ in ěrestaden (Copenhagen).
The headline of the project is: "From a Place to Work to a Place to Create" and we're trying to create an ambience of innovation, creativity and communication.

If you're in the neighborhood drop by this week an enjoy the impressive prototype, else check out the videoclip.

What do you think?

Even the most advanced technology can't beat a good assistant or a usability test!  

Lars Silberbauer / Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In this video, captured on our trip to New York last year, a well known architect (no need to mention his name ;-) is showing off his new accomplishment of building the new World Trade Center number 7.
But the usability of the very fancy big screen display lets him down...
I guess the mouse will remain the preferred pointing device for most users anyway and that they'll include a usability expert next time...

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Enough with the 2.0 stuff!!  

Lars Silberbauer / Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's true, Web 2.0 is a great thing! But, you're not guaranteed a special place in the Great Hall of Buzz just because you call it 2.0. (and 3.0 isn't any better ;-)
A couple of examples:

Publishing 2.0

Business 2.0

Global PR Blog Week 2.0??

Branding 2.0